A-Z of Care

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

An invitation to get together, play and create your own care languages through the A-Z of care cards, made by Josephine Gyasi and Roseanna Dias and designed by Designer Philly.

“We are dreaming up a blueprint for the future: one where care is recognised as universal, reciprocal and central”
Josephine Gyasi and Roseanna Dias.

The A-Z of Care is designed as a tool to seed new thoughts and grow deep practices of care. Developed from an exploration of pleasure activism and radical rest, we’ve been testing the creation of nourishing spaces of care and expanding this thinking into exploring how we express and receive care for ourselves and others through creative practice and our own unique care languages. Developed in collaboration with creatives: Daniel Edmund, Elsie Harp, Grace Kress, Jae Tallawah, Jade Johnson, Leyla Moazzen, Martha King, Purple Girls Collective, Raquel Meseguer. 

Join us for a wholesome, gentle evening of connecting and reflecting. Refreshments and food (Back Garden Pizzeria) will be provided. We particularly welcome members of Knowle West and South Bristol communities, artists, creatives, producers, organisers, project managers, collectives and groups in the creative realm, those who work with or manage others, and anyone interested in notions of care.

Please visit to understand the accessibility of the building and if you have any questions or specific access needs, please get in touch with: or call KWMC on 01179 030 444.

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