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Filmmakers explore ‘isolation’ in lockdown

In late 2019 we welcomed two talented young women to our team at Eight, KWMC’s creative agency.  Mevis Birungi and Dee Hassan are taking part in the placement scheme Creative Workforce for the Future – a new programme supported by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) and the European Social Fund (ESF).

The programme has been designed to support young people to gain the experience they need to sustain creative careers in sectors such as film, broadcast, digital production, animation and post-production. KWMC is one of six cultural hubs in Bristol and Bath taking part in the scheme.

At Eight, Mevis and Dee have been developing their filmmaking skills, including shooting, editing and liaising with clients to create briefs. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown and the closure of the KWMC building, we’ve had to revise many of the activities planned for their placement and explore how training, learning and filmmaking can happen at home!

Early in lockdown, we set Mevis and Dee a creative filmmaking challenge: to plan, shoot and edit a two-minute film inside their homes, on the theme of ‘isolation’. You can watch the films below.

Mevis and Dee are now working on short documentary-style films for two Bristol-based projects and we’re excited to see them further develop their technical skills and explore their individual filmmaking styles.

INNER by Mevis Birungi

A short film that contrasts the reality of loneliness in isolation with how we can appear to others.

Lockdown News by Dee Hassan

A short news show about a family of five living in COVID-19 lockdown: the second eldest takes it upon herself to sensationalise everything that happens as breaking news worthy of coverage. From her mother’s cooking to the brand of bread chosen in the weekly shop. Includes the weather report…inside the house.

Programme Credits

Through Creative Workforce for the Future we are working with The Guild (Coworking Bath), Spike Island, Watershed, CYN The Station, Bristol City Council and UWE Bristol to support creatives and businesses across the West of England to develop both industry employment practices embracing inclusion and diversity as an asset, and nurture young talent from certain under-represented groups to gain the experience required to sustain a creative career. Creative Workforce for the Future is funded by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) and the European Social Fund (ESF) and is being delivered as part of the B+B Creative R+D programme.




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