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Change Creators: XLR Collective Graduation!

The moment we’ve all known was coming has finally come! Last night the XLR Collective had their Campaign Celebration here at the Knowle West Media Centre. It was a great night for the group to come together with friends, family and supporters to showcase the work they had done over the past seven weeks.

The night started off with an ice-breaker exercise from program director, Mena Fombo which had the audience “practice” their applauding and essentially facilitate and encouraging atmosphere in the room. Up next were Will and Olivia who introduced the campaign and the the mission behind it. They showed the official campaign video that they recorded during their launch at Bristol Harbour Festival. Will also shared a personal story that connected him to the cause of gender-based harassment that allowed people to connect even more with their cause. Following that the group played the first track of their EP ‘Lady’ which is also their debut single.

For the remaining of the night the group took turns speaking in pairs reporting on different aspects of the campaign and playing another track of music from their project in-between. It was great to see how polished and professional they were at presenting and playing music. The group have undoubtedly grown considerably in their confidence and practical performing skills. After seven months of ups and down, positives and challenges, the collective have finally come through the finish line, completing the programme with their heads held high. We genuinely could’t be anymore proud of them. Such a great night of hard work finally being revealed.

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