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Change Creators: XLR Collective Graduation Rehearsal

For this week, we had to make sure that we were all up to speed and on the same page while we planned for the launch event scheduled for Monday the 25th of September. Everything from the (relatively) minor details to what would make up fundamental sections of the event needed to be discussed and locked in, so that we didn’t have to leave anything down to chance and ensure that the event will be successful on as many fronts as possible.

We decided to mix together all of the different elements of our campaign with a varied running order, with talk-based sections punctuated by live performances of songs. One of the key parts that needed to be organised was the talk-based segments; every team member had a subject matter relating to the campaign that they had to discuss in a brief but comprehensive fashion using the data and analytics that the group had previously gathered. As well as this we had to decide on a multitude of intriguing options, such as how to set up the chairs and tables, and what equipment was needed for the launch- hopefully it will all come together relatively flawlessly a week from now!

Written by Jerome Bishop

If you would like to attend Hack a Heckle’s graduation you can sign up here!

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