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Learning under Lockdown: Online digital skills with Our Digital City

As part of the ongoing mission to equip community organisations with the digital skills necessary for adequate development in the modern world, Our Digital City delivered a series of film making workshops via online video conferencing during the period of national lockdown.

Our Digital City were approached by Avonmouth Community Centre wanting to become self-sufficient in creating video content as a means to engage their local residents. The staff at the centre¬†initially set out to create online video and written instructional content for growing foods from home¬†for the ‚ÄėNo Child Goes Hungry‚Äô project, with the ability to host content that can be¬†accessed privately and¬†publicly.¬†

As a result of early conversations with ACC to further explore their needs, it was clear that they also required support with the planning/storyboarding of content rather than just the shooting and editing. Therefore, the Our Digital City team took a holistic approach and set out the objectives to support the planning, making, editing and sharing of short-films, also offering an additional session for reflection and feedback of the films they produced.  




Member of Staff, Luke, said, ‚ÄúI really enjoyed the training, and although it was challenging at times because of the online format, I thought the training team were very patient, knowledgeable and supportive in helping everyone develop their skills and come away with a finished project. I¬†also had a great laugh along the way too.‚Ä̬†‚Ä̬†

KWMC receives support from Community Fund

In July 2020 Knowle West Media Centre received a donation of nearly £1,500 from the Direct Line Group  (DLG) Community Fund, after being nominated by a staff member from their Bristol office.

In April 2020, Direct Line Group (DLG) launched their new strategy to ‘Be a Force for Good‘¬†and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, through the DLG Community Fund, they are donating ¬£3.5 million to¬†support communities where¬†their largest sites are based,¬†as well as several national charities.¬†

KWMC was nominated to receive support by Sandra, a¬†Consultant at DLG.¬†¬†She¬†explained: “When I heard about the Force for Good Campaign in one of our team meetings the first charity that came to mind was Knowle West Media Centre.¬†Throughout these unprecedented times KWMC has adapted to the needs of their participants by providing digital content and enabling people to participate through online platforms.

“For some participants, this is the only contact they have had with people outside of the family unit. KWMC and KWMC: The Factory have used social media to share useful skills, such as how to make face coverings.¬†They have also worked alongside the Knowle West Alliance who have been supporting the vulnerable and isolated.

“I was so pleased that DLG were able to offer support to this fantastic charity that makes a visible difference not just in the local area but also in the wider Bristol community.”

We plan to use the funds donated by DLG to produce friendly and accessible signage that will be displayed at KWMC and other community venues to let people know about the COVID-19 safety measures in place and ensure that they feel safe and welcome when they access public community spaces.  The signs will be produced in the coming weeks, to coincide with some buildings in Knowle West beginning to re-open.

We’d like to say a big thank¬†you to the team at Direct Line Group for their generous donation – and especially to¬†Sandra for nominating us!

If you have a business and would like to find out more about supporting KWMC please visit the Support page. You can also donate online via the link below.



Plans to build eco-friendly homes in Knowle West

The We Can Make housing initiative has moved a step closer to building affordable and sustainable homes in Knowle West: at the end of June 2020 the We Can Make team submitted plans to Bristol City Council to build the first two homes!

We Can Make is a collaboration between KWMC and¬†local residents.¬†We‘ve been working together since 2016¬†to develop new ways to meet housing need in the community. For the last six months, architects¬†have been working with local families to¬†create the¬†designs for the¬†first two¬†homes.

The We Can Make homes are a bit different from what’s usually offered by commercial house-builders because residents and the community have been closely involved in their design. Residents and the wider community were clear about what they wanted:

Homes that are genuinely affordable:¬†the rent¬†for the We Can Make homes¬†will be set¬†at no more than one third of average household income for Knowle West,¬†and the homes will be owned by a community land trust, so they will be affordable in¬†perpetuity.¬†(Usually ‚Äúaffordable¬†housing‚ÄĚ is defined as¬†costing just¬†20% less than full market rate, which makes¬†it¬†still¬†unaffordable¬†for many people).

Homes that enhance the character of Knowle West that are high quality and help create landmarks the whole community can be proud of. The designs for the first two homes are from award-winning architect practices Studio Bark and White Design, and involve using innovative design and construction methods.

Homes that are good for people and planet: the designs have strong environmental credentials. For example, the home designed by Studio Bark uses 50% less carbon to make than the average UK new home. The designs also make space for nature by including green roofs, a roof garden, bike storage and planting that encourages biodiversity.

Homes that create local jobs:¬†We Can Make is about much more than just delivering housing ‚Äúunits‚ÄĚ. It is¬†equally about¬†supporting¬†the¬†wider economic regeneration of¬†Knowle West.¬†Using¬†Modern Methods of Construction¬†(MMC),¬†We Can Make¬†is¬†working to develop community fabrication space¬†KWMC: The Factory¬†as a neighbourhood housing factory. Training for¬†local residents¬†and tradespeople is already underway. For example, 15 local people have been taking part in workshops to learn new digital construction skills.

The first two We Can Make homes are for John and Toni.


John’s Story

John has lived and worked in Knowle West for many years. We Can Make has submitted a planning application to build John’s home Рa one-person, one-bedroom house built on a micro-site in the rear garden of an existing council house, where Bill and his son live and will continue to live.   John and Bill didn’t know each other before getting involved in We Can Make. They have got to know each other through community events and the proposed approach helps them both:

Bill explains:¬†‚ÄúMy garden is very big and too much for me to look after. This helps me out because I‚Äôll have a much more manageable garden and someone close by to¬†help out¬†if me or my son need it. I like the design [of the We Can Make house] – I think it‚Äôs clever and it will work well for us. I love the roof garden too. It means we both have a bit of our own space.‚ÄĚ

John says:¬†‚ÄúI‚Äôm in temporary accommodation at the moment,¬†living in a shepherd‚Äôs hut. The We Can Make home is brilliant because it‚Äôs a secure home of my own I can afford¬†and in a place¬†where I can be close to my family and work. I‚Äôve got construction skills so I can help build it.‚ÄĚ

Architects Studio Bark have worked with both John and Bill to develop a design that meets John‚Äôs needs for flexibility, storage, and outdoor space, whilst giving both households their own access and privacy, including a hidden roof garden for John.¬†¬†The house exceeds National Space Standards¬†for a one-person one-bedroom home: it may be built on a ‚Äėmicrosite‚Äô but it‚Äôs not a micro-home.

Toni’s Story

We Can Make has submitted a planning application to build a home for Toni and her daughter. Toni currently lives with her mum and step-dad in Knowle West, where she was born and grew up. Toni has recently had a baby and it is getting a bit crowded in the family home. The new We Can Make home for Toni and her daughter Amancia will be built in the back garden of her parents’ council home.

Toni explains:¬†‚ÄúI‚Äôve recently had a baby. I want to stay close to my parents who are helping with childcare, but I also want my own space. They have a big garden where we‚Äôd like to build a new home for me and my daughter.‚ÄĚ

Toni‚Äôs mum Mandi says:¬†‚ÄúNow Toni has¬†Amancia¬†they really need a bit of space of their¬†own¬†but they could never afford a place normally. This is perfect. I really like the design [of the We Can Make house] – it‚Äôs nice and green and blends in. I get to keep a good size garden and am nearby to¬†help out¬†with the baby. Everyone wins.‚ÄĚ

Toni’s home is designed by architects White Design as a single storey two-bedroom home, with kitchen, bathroom and open-plan living space. The home has a green roof and solar panels. The home exceeds National Space Standards for a two bedroom two-person home. Again, the home will be on a micro-site but it is far from a micro-home.


Next steps

If planning permission is granted, construction of John and Toni’s homes will begin in the Autumn.

We Can Make is supported by the Nationwide Foundation and Homes England to deliver up to 16 similar homes in Knowle West over the next eighteen months. After this pilot phase, the aim is to scale up delivery to help more people in Knowle West and explore how the approach could be used to help people in housing need in other neigbourhoods in Bristol and beyond.

Help make affordable homes for people in Knowle West happen!

You can view the plans for¬†Toni’s home¬†and¬†John’s home¬†on the Bristol City Council Planning Portal.¬†You can leave a comment about the plans – full details of how to do this can be found¬†here.

Your voice matters ‚Äď positive comments strengthen the case to persuade Bristol City Council to give planning permission for the homes.¬†Showing your support¬†could help¬†to make the We Can Make homes a reality.

See if We Can Make could support you

Can you see yourself in an affordable, eco-friendly home that’s been made in Knowle West?  We have funding to support more families in Knowle West who are in housing need, such as elders wishing to downsize, families with young adult children who need more space, and those caring for relatives.  If you’d like to chat about whether We Can Make could help with your housing situation, e-mail or drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter (@WeCanMakeHomes). Our team would love to hear from you! 

Get involved in building!

We’re looking to put together a team of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and builders of all kinds to help build the homes. We‚Äôll use ‚Äúmodern methods of construction‚ÄĚ to create homes that are eco-friendly and innovative as well as affordable. You can register your interest via this online form or¬†e-mail¬†¬†if you have any questions.


We Can Make is a collaboration between Knowle West residents and the digital arts charity Knowle West Media Centre.  We Can Make is supported by The Nationwide Foundation and Homes England.

Image: artist illustration of John’s new home, showing how it fits into the back garden of Bill’s home.  

KWMC receives Emergency Response Funds

This week Arts Council England (ACE) announced it will be supporting Knowle West Media Centre through its Emergency Response Funds – funding for organisations and individuals in need of immediate support due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The last few months have been hugely challenging for the arts and cultural sector Рartists, freelancers, and organisations and venues of all sizes. We’re very grateful to ACE for their support of KWMC at this critical time.

We closed our buildings KWMC (Leinster Avenue) and KWMC: The Factory (Filwood Green Business Park) in March 2020, at the beginning of the nation-wide lockdown. Since then, we have had to delay activities and we’ve been unable to generate income through rental of our spaces, digital manufacturing kit and creative facilities – placing the future of the organisation under threat. The Emergency Response Funds support from ACE will cover¬†the income¬†lost during the Spring and Summer months (March¬†to September 2020).

No longer threatened with closure, we look forward to working with ACE, our partners and communities in Knowle West and beyond as we move into a recovery phase Рplanning and delivering inclusive creative programmes that complement ACE’s Let’s Create vision and support communities, artists and people of all ages to create positive change, particularly those in precarious circumstances as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We’d like to thank our fantastic team for the sacrifices they’ve made during this difficult period and for their dedication to KWMC and the artists, communities, makers and young people we work with.  During this period we have had to furlough some of our staff, and others have taken pay cuts. Since March 2020, our team have been working hard to reimagine activities that were planned to take place in-person. This includes digital design workshops, artist meet-ups, creative sessions for young people, talks, and a virtual Work Experience programme for Year 10 students Рall of which have happened online.

The power of music: stories from Jump Studios

Knowle West Media Centre’s Jump Studios programme provides opportunities for young people aged 10-25 to experiment with music, develop their technical and creative skills, and explore new careers. Below are a selection of stories from young people who have been part of music-making programmes at KWMC.

Alex – making a musical ‘bucket list’

Alex, 19, ¬†first engaged with Knowle West Media Centre when he attended the Sound Wave music retreat in 2019. During the retreat he learned mixing and mastering techniques to help give his music a more professional sound ‚Äď which he passed on to a friend who also produces music when he got back! The retreat experience also helped him create a musical ‚Äėbucket list‚Äô of things he wanted to achieve and skills to develop further.

Alex says that before the retreat he didn‚Äôt engage with many people and wouldn‚Äôt share his music with others. He says: ‚Äúnow [‚Ķ] I‚Äôm not shy about letting people listen to my music. I can take on feedback and I‚Äôm not as critical of myself.‚ÄĚ

Josh – trying new instruments and experiences

Josh, 21, got involved in The Male Room ‚Äď a two-night, three-day retreat that took place in 2019 to support musicians and creatives to develop their craft and examine ideas around modern masculinity.

Josh had recorded an EP before the retreat, but the experience inspired him to record more music and fine-tune what he had already finished. The retreat also provided space for him to experiment with new instruments in a supportive environment. He says: ‚Äúmy main instrument is guitar but I hopped on the bass and tried on keys [‚Ķ] It pushed my skills.‚ÄĚ

Since the retreat Josh has become a paid freelance member of KWMC’s Jump Studios team, working with young people to help them develop their skills in arts, media and technology.

Of his new mindset Josh says: ‚ÄúMy confidence has grown because when I feel a bit low or anxious I have to remind myself that I did [the retreat] and if I could do that I could do this!‚ÄĚ

Elisha – recognising talent and progress

Elisha first came to Knowle West Media Centre in 2018 when she attended the From Her Tracks retreat – a two-night, three-day experience designed to support young women to develop their musical skills and self-confidence.

She says the retreat helped her to realise that ‚Äúthe presence of someone else’s talent isn‚Äôt the absence of mine‚ÄĚ ‚Äď and she‚Äôs ‚Äėlearning to treat myself as a friend and be kinder to myself.‚Äô

After the retreat Elisha went on to create content for a local youth magazine, enrolled on a further music course at KWMC to hone her technical skills, and has performed at music events around Bristol.  She’s now planning to get her own equipment and work on an EP or small album.

She says: ‚ÄúI‚Äôve learned to acknowledge my progress. Before I did the From Her Tracks retreat I didn‚Äôt actually think that pursuing music or a creative career was an option. It was only after that I thought that this might be worth pursuing.‚ÄĚ

Kira – getting stuck in!

Kira, 11, attended the Jump into…Music programme at KWMC during February Half-Term in 2020.  During the practical sessions Kira and the other young people in the group experimented with singing and playing instruments, and learned to use music applications including Sound Trap. At the end of the programme Kira performed her original song for the group Рsinging and playing guitar Рwhile her friend played drums.

Kira enjoyed her time at KWMC, advising others her age to ‚Äúdo it, be confident and get out there!‚Ä̬† Jump Studios‚Äô Music lead Mike described Kira as ‚Äėconfident and always up for collaboration – the song she made has a great message.‚Äô

For more information about music opportunities at KWMC contact Mike on 0117 903 0444 or e-mail

From 2018 to 2020 our music programmes for young people were supported by Youth Music.

KWMC selected for new environmental programme

Knowle West Media Centre has been named as one of ten cultural initiatives that will receive support to become more environmentally sustainable.

The Accelerator Programme, from Arts Council England and Julie’s Bicycle, will provide organisations with space, resources, time and expertise to develop new and innovative approaches to environmental practice. This includes expert mentoring and a residential training programme.

Sustainability has long been vital to¬†KWMC’s¬†work and ethos – from the construction of our strawbale¬†building to our projects with communities.

As part of the Accelerator Programme, we¬†will be exploring¬†how we can¬†support¬†the community of makers and creatives at KWMC: The Factory to adopt more sustainable making practices. This could include increasing Factory members’ understanding of the lifecycles of¬†materials and products,¬†and helping them incorporate¬†circular economy¬†principles into their work, such as reuse, recycling and responsible waste management.

Factory¬†Digital Fabrication Technician Fiona Dowling commented: “I’m really looking forward to immersing myself fully within the Accelerator Programme and identifying ways for us to improve sustainability practices across¬†the training courses, memberships and services we offer at KWMC: The Factory.”

This is the second Accelerator cohort to receive support from Arts Council England and Julie’s Bicycle. As well as KWMC, the second cohort includes our fellow Bristol organisation Brunel’s SS Great Britain, and the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

Andrew Ellerby, Senior Manager, Environmental Sustainability & Combined Arts, Arts Council England, said of the programme: ‚ÄúThe Arts Council is committed to supporting the cultural sector‚Äôs increasing ambition when it comes to addressing climate change, and through our work with Julie‚Äôs Bicycle we want to nurture their creative and innovative approaches to sustainability practice.¬† It‚Äôs been fantastic to see the first Accelerator cohort‚Äôs projects grow and develop over the past 18 months; the proposals set out by the second cohort are equally exciting and I look forward to seeing what they can achieve.‚Ä̬†

Julie’s Bicycle and Arts Council England have worked together for over a decade to support cultural organisations in becoming more environmentally sustainable. This collaboration led to policy intervention in 2012 when the Arts Council became the first cultural body in the world to make environmental action part of its funding agreement with National Portfolio Organisations (NPOS).

Keep an eye on @kwmcthefactory on social media to find out more about how we’re putting learning from the Accelerator programme into practice.

Image by Holly Webb.

KWMC supported by business ‘scale up’ initiative

We’re¬†excited to announce that¬†KWMC has been accepted onto a new programme¬†supporting creative businesses in the West of England.

The Creative Scale-Up programme, funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, will see ¬£4 million invested across three regions in the UK ‚Äď the West of England, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands ‚Äď giving creative businesses bespoke support to help them grow their business and become ready to take on investment.

The West of England Creative Scale-Up programme was launched on 22 January 2020 and includes 15 businesses in its first cohort.

Businesses, including KWMC, will receive a package of tailored business support over six months, including mentoring, facilitated face-to-face peer support, training and workshops. We will also be supported to engage with networks of investors.

Being part of the Creative Scale Up programme will enable us to develop and expand the work of KWMC: The Factory, our micro-manufacturing hub and maker space at Filwood Green Business Park. KWMC: The Factory was established in 2015 and supports a diverse community of creative people, technologists and businesses to develop new skills in digital manufacturing and business development, create and test new products and prototypes, and connect with other makers.

Other businesses on the West of England Creative Scale Up programme include: Arcadia Ltd; Crack Industries Ltd, Luke Jerram Ltd; Trigger Stuff Ltd; Waller&Wood; Cognitive Paths (Cables and Cameras); Complete Control (Uk) Limited; Limina Immersive Ltd; Auroch Digital Ltd; The Wardrobe Theatre CIC; Encounters Festivals Ltd; We Are Anagram Ltd; Visuable Ltd; MAYK Theatre CIC.

Following the launch of the West of England programme, Tim Bowles, West of England Mayor, commented: ‚ÄúI want our region to become the go-to place for¬†the creative and cultural sector. We‚Äôre already internationally renowned but I want the world to know that the West of England will welcome talented people and businesses with open arms, and help them grow into the big names of the future. That‚Äôs what our Creative Scale Up programme is all about.”

There will be two further Creative Scale Up cohorts starting in April and June. Find out more here.

Discounts and deals in 24hr Flash Sale

The 24-hour Culture Flash Sale is back for 2020: for one day only, discounted tickets and offers are available at a host of venues across Bristol and Bath!

These include shows, events, exhibitions, workshops, gigs, talks and plays from over 30 arts organisations and venues.

The sale begins at 10am on Wednesday 15 January and runs until 10am on Thursday 16 January 2020.

Read on for details of discounts on our discounts, as well as offers from other organisations involved in the Culture Flash Sale.

Please note: web pages for booking tickets are now live but discount codes and special deals on free tickets will only be activated at 10am on Wednesday 15 January Рif you book before this time the discounts and deals will not apply.

£15 off: Colour, Pattern, Surface course

Love bright patterns and bold colours? Create your own textile designs in this six week course! Learn how to paint with transfer and disperse dyes, screen print with laser-cut stencils, and create designs for digital embroidery.

Deal: £15 off the usual price of £185. Visit our online shop during the Flash Sale and use the code flashtextiles20
Date: Thursday evenings from 27 February to 2 April 2020. 6.15pm Р8.15pm
Venue: KWMC: The Factory, Filwood Green Business Park

¬£5 off:¬†Make your own…Laser-cut Jewellery

Design your own jewellery and stand out from the crowd! Learn how to design and make laser-cut pieces in wood and acrylic at this weekend workshop at KWMC: The Factory. Beginners welcome! Ages 16+

Deal: £5 off the usual price of £55. Visit our online shop during the Flash Sale and use the code flashjewellery20
Date: Saturday 1 February, 10am Р2pm
Venue: KWMC: The Factory, Filwood Green Business Park


Free music studio access when you book the Audio Lates course

Audio Lates is a ten-week beginner course that aims to give you the skills to start writing and recording your own music. Learn the basics of digital software including Logic Pro X, MIDI, sampling and synthesisers, and pick up handy hints and tips on mixing and arrangement.

Deal: Book¬†for Audio Lates¬†during the Flash Sale and receive¬†four hours’ free access to the KWMC music studio at the end of the course.
Date: course runs Tuesday evenings from 28 January to 31 March 2020. 6.30 Р9.30pm; free studio access to organised with KWMC at the end of the course.
Venue: KWMC, Leinster Avenue

Free producer support when you register for our January Project Night

Project Night is a free evening every other month for anyone who makes art or creative projects in a community setting. Join other creatives to eat together and share ideas and feedback in a supportive environment. 

Deal: The first four people to reserve their place at the January Project Night during the Flash Sale will also receive a free one-hour session with a KWMC Arts Producer to provide producing advice, guidance or support for a project you’re working on. E-mail¬†after 10am on Wednesday 15 January and quote flashprojectnight20.¬†To claim your free¬†producer session you¬†must attend Project Night in January 2020.
Date: Project Night takes place on Thursday 30 January, 6.30 Р8.30pm; producer support session to be arranged with KWMC at a mutually convenient time (weekdays only).
Venue: KWMC, Leinster Avenue

Free CD when you register for a behind the scenes exhibition tour

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the exhibition 100 Years of Knowle West Style with local makers and artist Holly Beasley-Garrigan. The exhibition marks 100 years since the first council estates were built in Bristol and explores what this South Bristol estate has meant to people for over nine decades. The interactive exhibition includes archive film, photography, music, video and more. It includes commissioned work by artists Holly Beasley-Garrigan, George Lovesmith and Lukus Robbins, made in collaboration with local residents.

Deal: Reserve your free ticket to February’s behind the scenes tour during the Flash Sale and¬†receive a free CD by South Bristol artist Kala Chng, whose¬†music features in the exhibition.¬†CDs available while stocks last. One CD per attendee.¬†To claim your free CD you must attend the behind the scenes tour and collect it in person. CDs will not be posted.
Date: Saturday 8 February, 11am Р1pm.
Venue: KWMC, Leinster Avenue

Other deals in Bristol and Bath

Search #CultureFlashSale on social media and read the full list of Flash Sale offers on the Visit Bristol blog.

About the Flash Sale

The Flash Sale is co-ordinated by the Bristol Arts Marketing Network in co-operation with Arts Marketing Bath, Bristol and Bath Cultural Destinations Project, Visit Bristol and Visit Bath. This is the 12th edition of the sale and sees 35 organisations across the two cities taking part.

Sennheiser UK repurposes audio equipment for KWMC

Earlier this year, Sennheiser UK¬†were¬†seeking a suitable home for¬†some repurposed audio equipment –¬†and they found Knowle West Media Centre!

The Sennheiser team kindly provided us with 15 pairs of HD 25 headphones, which had been assembled by Sennheiser UK staff as part of a team training session and were in need of a permanent home.

Tim Constable, Channel Sales Manager for Sennheiser UK, explains: “Bristol has a great reputation for creative energy and passion, and KWMC has had a positive and inclusive effect in a part of the city that is often ignored and forgotten about. After seeing the work that KWMC has done over the last 20 years to create equal opportunities in their local community, I wanted to help where I could.

‚ÄúAn opportunity came along at Sennheiser UK to repurpose some HD 25 headphones and the fit was perfect!”


The headphones have already been put to good use as part of our exhibition 100 Years of Knowle West Style. Each section of the exhibition includes an audio station where visitors can listen to two audio tracks: the first is an audio guide that will read the exhibition text to you, while the second is an audio description for visitors with visual impairments.

Founded in 1945, Sennheiser is one of the world‚Äôs leading manufacturers of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones and wireless transmission systems, with the aim of ‚Äėshaping the future of audio and creating unique sound experiences for customers.‚Äô

If you have a business and would like to find out more about supporting KWMC please visit the Support page.

Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport visits Knowle West

On 24 September we welcomed Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Nicky Morgan MP, to KWMC during her visit to Bristol.

She met the teams behind our Jump Studios young people’s programme, We Can Make housing initiative, and the recent Making It and From Her Digital training courses, which supported women to¬†develop vital skills to help them progress¬†in the digital industries.

Both Making It and From Her Digital were funded by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport: part of the West of England Combined Authority project WIDJET (Women into Digital Jobs, Education and Training).

During the visit, KWMC Director Carolyn Hassan emphasised the importance of working with our WIDJET partners, such as Boomsatsuma, to start to address issues around a lack of diversity in the creative and digital industry workforce across the region, and the need for this work to be sustained and invested in going forward.

Our team shared how KWMC and KWMC: The Factory support people of all ages to develop the skills, confidence and networks to succeed and develop personally Рand be a positive force for change in their community.

We also discussed the impact and importance of taking a creative approach to tackling issues identified by communities, and our programmes supporting individuals and groups who have experienced barriers to accessing the opportunities that Bristol has to offer, from education and enterprise opportunities to full participation in culture and community.

If you’re interested in finding out more about KWMC, please contact us to book a tour or call 0117 903 0444. You can read more about the impact of our work here.

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