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Come Together Weekender 18 – 21 November

Welcome to the Come Together Weekender! 

A four day gathering of talks, workshops, and events exploring how we can connect through a mix of in-person and virtual, or ‘hybrid’ spaces.

Join us for online + in-person workshops, activities and events.

Day 1: Inclusion in Action,

What happens to ‘hybrid’ when you start with access and inclusion?

Come Together for a day of creative play centring expertise from disability cultures and activists. End the day with a disability-centric nightlife party brought to you by the New York based REMOTE ACCESS organising collective.

Find out more about these events and how to book HERE

Day 2: Making it Sensory

How can we make digital experiences sensory, warm and engaging? 

Come Together to imagine our own sensory utopias and connect through smell, taste and conversation including an event with artist Linda Brothwell. End the day with a special Cook-a-long with Grizedale Arts.

Find out more about these events and how to book HERE

Day 3: Imagining for real

How can we use a mix of tools to include everyone in neighbourhood visioning?

Come Together for a day of neighbourhood imagining from where ever you are. Take part in online and in-person workshops with artists including Malcolm Hamilton of Play:Disrupt at Knowle West Media Centre.

Find out more about this days events and how to book HERE

Day 4: Claiming the right to rest

How can we access and enjoy the spaces of rest we need to find peace and wellbeing?

Come Together to relax at the end of the weekender featuring workshops by artists including Emma Blake Morsi. Take a pause and claim your right to rest.

Find out more about this days events and how to book HERE

Come Together is an Arts Council England funded project aiming to unpack and explore what ‘Hybrid’ is and could mean. ‘Hybrid’ is often referred to as a way of connecting people who are present in-person and virtually.  Through four creative residencies in Knowle West this year artists and the local community have been coming together to experiment with ‘hybrid’ connection. Through the Weekender we will share some of what’s been happening in Knowle West this summer, whilst also celebrating excellent national / international practice in the field and of course opening up more questions together.

KWMC to host Dance Connect residency

We’re delighted to announce that Knowle West Media Centre will be hosting a dance residency in 2021, exploring new ways that people can participate in making and enjoying dance performance.

Dance producer Katy Noakes has received a Dance Connect residency through Bristol Dance Futures, and will be collaborating with dance artists Frankie Johnson, Paris Crossley, Lewis Norman and Lea Anderson.

During the residency, Katy and KWMC will work with the artists, young creatives, makers, and local DJs and VJs to explore the combinations of mood, movement, music and visuals that impact people and make them feel connected – and apart.  They will also be exploring how creative technologies could be used in dance participation and production.

The residency will draw on Katy’s existing work on Shuffle R&D, which seeks to expand on a traditional ‘learn the section, perform the section’ model of participatory performance.

Katy said: “I feel incredibly lucky to be working with the team and community at KWMC. After just a few meetings I’m counting my blessings to be in touch with such a considerate, smart and committed bunch of people! We’re kicking off the residency by starting some design work with KWMC The Factory, and looking forward to collaborating with more KWMC groups and community as the year unfolds.”

About Dance Connect

Dance Connect is an initiative by Bristol Dance Futures – a consortia of Bristol arts organisations and independent artists, that aims to create a vibrant dance ecology across the city, so people of all ages can engage with high-quality dance. Katy is one of five Bristol-based dance practitioners who will be undertaking residencies in organisations across the city.

The residencies are an opportunity for practitioners, organisations and communities to collaboratively develop a programme of dance activity.

Selected dance practitioners are Penny Caffrey, Helen Wilson, Lerato Dunn, Katy Noakes and Rachael James. They will work with Filwood Community Centre, Southmead Development Trust, Sirona Healthcare, Knowle West Media Centre, and Fresh Arts respectively.

Dance Connect is supported by funding from Arts Council England.

Photograph courtesy of Katy Noakes.

KWMC supports new digital arts programme – Control Shift

We’re excited to be supporting Control Shift – a new arts programme coming to Bristol in June 2020 to explore ‘creative and critical approaches to technology.’

Launching on 5 June, Control Shift will include a weekend of events (featuring performances, workshops, and talks) and an exhibition taking place across different locations in Bristol, which will run until 19 June.

Call for contributions

Control Shift is encouraging people to rethink their relationships with technology. For example: what might happen if there was more space for us to engage with ‘digital’ in physical ways?  Or in poetic ways?

Control Shift have issued an open call for artworks, workshops and provocations that tackle the themes of the programme. For more information and how to apply visit and submit your idea by 15 March 2020.

The Control Shift Network

The Control Shift Network are a collective of artists, technologists and producers. In 2019 KWMC supported their first event, ‘You Make the Rules’, a day of workshops followed by a musical performance generated by live coding as part of Processing Community Day (a global celebration of ‘art, code and diversity’ initiated by the Processing Foundation). Control Shift has developed from this event and follows the same ethos, with a focus on accessibility and diversity.

With additional support from Arts Council England, KWMC, UWE and the Institute of Coding, in 2020 the Network has been able to develop a more focused curatorial theme, support more artists, present artworks and invite speakers.


If you are interested in finding out more or being part of the Control Shift Network, you can contact the group via the contact page or speak to Martha at KWMC: call 0117 903 0444 or e-mail

Fan Art, Manga and Gaming Illustrations wanted for two-day exhibition

2017 marks the third year of the South Bristol Gaming & Anime Expo and we’re on the look-out for more emerging artists for this unique gallery exhibition.

The exhibition is scheduled to be held on 4th and 5th November, during this year’s Expo, and aims to uncover, promote and introduce new talent to a wider audience.

Artists of all ages are invited to submit an image that can be enlarged to A1 size for exhibition. Your image will be credited, if your work is for sale we can include the price, and you’ll feature on our website with links to your work.

We are looking for:

Manga/gaming/character illustrations
One-page comics
Fan art

Please email with the title ‘Artist Submission’ and include the following:

For the exhibition:

Hi-res artwork attachment/s (suitable to be enlarged to A1)
Name/credit for display
Price (if relevant)

For our website:

Short biography – no more than 200 words
Links to your work webpage / Twitter handle / Instagram (if relevant)
Your logo (if relevant)


We are particularly keen to receive work from groups who are under-represented in the creative industries, including Black, Asian and other minority groups, people with disabilities, young people and young adults (ages 11-30), and residents of South Bristol.

We cannot guarantee that all artworks will be included in the final exhibition, so we want to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your submission!  We’ll notify all successful artists by Tuesday 31st October.

We do all printing in-house, so there will be no cost to artists – just an opportunity to promote and showcase your work in our Gaming Exhibition, running from 4th November until 16th December.

Artists are welcome to collect and keep the prints we create after the Expo.

Please email or contact Mena 0117 903 0444 of you have any questions.

Image: Elisha Huxtable

I’m Staying comes to Knowle West

We’re really pleased that Knowle West Media Centre will be the first venue south of the river to host ‘I’m Staying’, which is on the move around the city as part of the Bristol Biennial.  We’re looking forward to seeing our straw-bale building lit up by Shaun Badham’s artwork this summer.

The statement of Shaun’s piece is particularly poignant for us in a number of ways. We’ve been based here since 1996 and while the reach and scope of our work has expanded since then – regionally, nationally and internationally – Knowle West stays at the heart of everything we do.

As well as our journey as an organisation, ‘I’m Staying’ speaks to some of the things we see, know and love in our neighbourhood: fun, determination and a real strength of community.

You’re all invited to join us for a special switch-on event and outdoor celebration on Wednesday 3rd June, 7-9pm. Enjoy music and performances from local talent, free drinks and refreshments, and see new photographic work by Tommy Sussex in the exhibition ‘What Takes Hold’. As night draws in we will illuminate the sky with the proclamation: ‘I’m Staying’!

Please RSVP to

A huge thank you to everyone who has voted for us and helped to bring Shaun’s work to Knowle West.

Image: Bristol Biennial. Artist Shaun C Badham.
I’M STAYING is produced by Bristol Biennial in partnership with Blink Giant Media and sponsored by Nationwide Platforms, Badger Electrical, Simmons & Simmons and Jeremy Lewison Ltd.

Tattoo exhibition reveals the lives, loves and loss behind our body art

A Mobile Tattoo Parlour has been touring Knowle West this summer, digitally collecting people’s pieces of body art. This September we’re holding special preview event where you can find out what the Parlour has discovered…

I Will Always Have You is a collaboration between KWMC, Stand + Stare and Play Nicely. It explores Bristol’s tattoo culture and the fascinating stories behind why people have tattoos – a heady mix of lost loves, raw regrets, and personal memories.

The preview event will take place on Thursday 11th September, from 5.30-7.30pm. You will be able to:

  •  Watch tattooing live and close-up
  • Play with interactive tattoo installations
  • Explore tattoo culture
  • Enter a free raffle to win a tattoo

Also, join Dr John Troyer from the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath to explore the history and cultural role of memorial tattoos.

If you would like to come, please reserve your place at or call 0117 903 0444.

Drinks will be served; ink will be spilled…

IWAHY Launch Flyer Low Res_Page_1


New online resource for arts organisations entering the data age

Arts organisations across the UK can now access a free online resource to help them engage young audiences and develop new work exploring the artistic potential of data.

We’ve worked with residents in our local area since 1996, helping them use the arts and digital technologies to make positive changes to their lives and communities – now we want to support other organisations to venture into new and perhaps unfamiliar territories: working with data and young people.

In order to do this, we’ve produced the Data Toolkit – a step-by-step guide to gathering and visualising information in creative ways, and involving interns and trainees in the process.

Organisations can use and adapt the content in the Toolkit to suit their aims, budget and context. For example, one could collect information about their local area and help residents start a campaign. Another could gather statistics and visualise them in creative ways so they can be incorporated into exhibitions. Art galleries could create fun and unusual methods of gathering audience feedback.

The website includes templates, case studies and animations based on the experiences of seven interns, who worked on data projects at KWMC over six months in 2013-2014.

One such project was The Living Living Room. The interns began by developing an online survey to collect information about residents’ perceptions of their community and their lifestyle choices. In March 2014 the survey was brought to life in a 3D gaming room where people could answer the questions by interacting with eight full-size pieces of cardboard furniture.

Now we hope that other organisations will use these free case studies and resources to develop their own artistic practice and assist young people with their career development.

Naomi Yates, coordinator of the Data Toolkit project, said: “We can collect data about almost anything – from weather patterns and crime statistics to people’s perceptions of their local area. By studying data in depth we can gain a greater understanding of the subject.

“The resources in the Toolkit are based on real projects that took place in the Knowle West community. No previous experience of working with data or young people is required! We hope that other arts organisations can learn from us and find new ways of working that are creative, resource-efficient, and empowering to the communities they work with.”

The toolkit can be viewed at

The Data Toolkit was produced as part of the Curating Activism programme, which was a partnership project between KWMC, IBM and the University of the West of England, supported by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts – Nesta, Arts & Humanities Research Council and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Data Toolkit Screen Graphics


“I Will Always Have You” Maker Residency

We are seeking established makers for 3-month residency.

The makers will be working on the project “I Will Always Have You”, collaborating with local residents to explore, design and develop a series of small-batch digitally fabricated “objects of desire” inspired by the rich tattoo culture of Knowle West.  They will be able to develop their knowledge and practice using digital manufacturing processes such as 3D printers, CNC machines and laser cutters in a mini-digital manufacturing hub at KWMC and through access to the FabLab at the University of the West of England.

Find out more about “I Will Always Have You” project  here.

We are particularly interested in makers with the following experience:

  • Recognition in a particular craft discipline relevant to the scope and aims of the project;
  • Experience of digital manufacturing processes;
  • Socially-engaged practices;
  • Product development, marketing and sales knowledge;
  • Interest in developing sustainable enterprises.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this residency, please download and read the job description below and make a submission in a single Word or pdf document outlining the following:

  • Describe your practice and the way you work in no more than 200 words.
  • Outline a collaborative or socially engaged project, exhibition, commission or work that has pushed your practice forward and your key highlights in no more than 300 words.
  • Explain why you are interested in this project in no more than 300 words.
  • Include up to four jpeg images to illustrate your work and/or links to up to three websites that show your work.

Closing date

Send your submission to, with “I Will Always Have You” in the subject line no later than noon (12pm) on Wednesday 9th July. For further information contact Luke Gregg or call 0117 903 0444.

More information

IWAHY Maker Job Description

Tattoo arts project scratches the surface of South Bristol

A  tattoo parlour with a difference is about to open in Knowle West, Bristol –  instead of inking new tattoos it will digitally collect people’s pieces of body art and create an online gallery celebrating the strong tattoo culture in the neighbourhood.

The Mobile Tattoo Parlour will be open for business at 11am on Tuesday 10th June on Leinster Avenue, outside the Marked Up Tattoo Studio. Knowle West Media Centre is looking for ten local people to come ready to add their favourite tattoo to the online collection as part of the opening ceremony and press launch for a new project. If you would like to take part please contact Luke Gregg on 0117 903 0444 or email him at

The Mobile Parlour is a collaboration with digital agency Play Nicely and artists Stand & Stare – and is part of new project called ‘I Will Always Have You’. From Tuesday 10 June Knowle West residents can photograph their tattoos and upload the ‘tattoo selfies’ and their stories to  Some will feature in an interactive exhibition at KWMC in September this year.

I Will Always Have You’ offers an opportunity for people to share the memories, lost loves and tall tales that are etched into their tattoos. By gathering these stories, the project hopes to explore and better understand the growing popularity of tattoos across the UK and the richness of the tattoo culture of Knowle West.

Melissa Mean, Arts Producer at KWMC, said: “1 in 5 adults in Britain now have a tattoo[1] – by using our skin as a canvas we can become walking works of art. KWMC is looking forward to welcoming all sorts of people to the Mobile Parlour to share their experience of the creative act of tattooing. We’re scratching the surface of Knowle West and we’re excited about what we might find.”

Lucy Haywood, Artistic Director at Stand & Stare said: “We have already met some incredible people with amazing tattoos in Knowle West. One thing that has struck us is how, when people have multiple tattoos, they often become like a map of memories, indelible pictures that remind you of people, stories and who you are. We can’t wait to get the Mobile Parlour out on the road so we can meet loads more fascinating people and build up a better picture of why Knowle West Boys and Girls love their tattoos so much.”

Megan Hoyle, Studio Manager at Play Nicely, said: “We jumped at the opportunity to work on this campaign for a few reasons – but largely as it’s such an interesting use of Kinect technology. [With] the online tattoo cataloging system for everyone in Knowle West (at first) to easily submit their own tattoos and the resulting exhibition – it can only be a hugely original and revealing event.”

The Mobile Parlour will tour different locations around Knowle West from Tuesday 10 June. The Parlour will then be installed at Knowle West Media Centre from 1 July, where people can visit it over the summer.

For more details about I Will Always Have You contact Melissa Mean. For press enquiries contact Rachel Clarke.

[1] Metro: ‘ Why Britons love being inked’.

More information about the project coming soon.


Nicholas White – photographer in residence

Over the last few months Nicholas White has been working as photographer in residence at Knowle West Media Centre, developing a new commission: “The Five Thousand Island Forest”. Based in Okehampton (UK), Nicholas’ work is themed around landscape, exploring narratives related to human intervention, the environment and the ways in which we interact with our natural spaces.  “The Five Thousand Island Forest” is a landscape exploration of Knowle West –  more details will be available soon.

Nicholas was awarded the South West Graduate Photography Prize in 2013 for his work “The Militarisation of Dartmoor”, which is currently exhibiting at Green Hill Arts. The prize was established by Fotonow in 2010 to ‘showcase photographic work emerging from the region to a national audience.’ Nicholas and the finalists of the 2013 prize – Katie Emmett, India Pocock, Matthew Sheather, Patrick Graham, Sydney Cunningham and Katy Brothers – will have their work exhibited at KWMC from 28th May.

Below are some behind-the-scenes photos taken by Nicholas during shooting for “The Five Thousand Island Forest”.

001 & 002 – Scouting trip to the roof of St. Mary Redcliffe
003 – Shooting at Springfield Allotments towards Bristol
004 – Goats at Andy’s Haven Nursery
005 & 006 – Shooting Knowle West from the roof of The Tobacco Factory

For more information about Nicholas’ work visit his website or follow him on Twitter.


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