Black Lives Matter: KWMC’s Commitments

Like many, we’ve been following events in the USA and elsewhere surrounding the death of George Floyd.

We’ve been thinking about what we can do.

One of our core values is Integrity and we believe we can’t remain silent.  We don’t want to be silent, because Knowle West Media Centre stands against discrimination and racism. We need to raise our voice in support of change.

We know that opportunities are not equally accessible to all people in our society and we reaffirm our commitment to doing what we can to change this.

Equity is another of our core values and we believe it’s essential for organisations like ours, who have influence, to support people who experience discrimination, whose voices aren’t often heard, and who face barriers to living safe and fulfilled lives – so they can achieve their ambitions and, together, we can create a fairer society that values and respects difference.

Our commitments

We will continue to support Black creatives and artists of all ages through our creative learning programmes.  We will keep working to make sure that KWMC and KWMC: The Factory are places where everyone feels welcome.

We will continue to support, listen to, and collaborate with Black-led organisations in our city.

We commit to further increasing the diversity of our team so it is more representative of our community and city.

But KWMC is not the focus of this moment.

It’s vital that KWMC is not silent but we know we also need to listen, to hear from others, and to keep challenging ourselves to make sure we use our influence, with integrity, to shape a more equitable society.


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