The origins of Knowle West Media Centre can be traced back to a 1996 photography project run by our founder and Director, Carolyn Hassan.

A lot has changed since that first project and we have had to be responsive to changing circumstances, emerging opportunities, and local needs.  The social, cultural and political landscape of the UK has shifted and the community of Knowle West has experienced changes and challenges.

There have been huge advances in technology too: the computers on our desks have halved in size and increased in power, and the ‘next industrial revolution’ has brought coding, robotics and digital manufacturing into the public consciousness.

But amidst these changes, community remains at the heart of everything we do.  As our organisation evolves in size and scope, local residents and young people continue to work alongside staff, makers and artists to co-design products and initiatives that have positive social impact.

As we move into our 22nd year, we will continue to innovate, respond and create, whilst upholding the vision that gives Knowle West Media Centre its purpose: the belief that technology and the arts can help us create positive change and make exciting things happen.

Because even after all this time, there are some things that don’t change.

Our activities are underpinned and influenced by our five core values, which are:



Not being afraid to do or think differently, and being willing to explore new perspectives and creative ways of doing things


Treating others with honesty, consistency and respect, and being prepared to be held accountable for your actions


Working with others to achieve a shared goal, valuing the contribution and expertise that each individual brings


Recognising that in order for everyone to have an equal opportunity to succeed, some people may need additional support – then doing what you can to make this happen


Staying faithful to your mission and values but having the flexibility to adapt to change

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