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How do we measure success?

At KWMC we constantly reflect on our ‘key performance indicators’ – the things we use to measure success.

We look at how these things relate to local and global issues and how we can most effectively work with people to make a positive difference, locally and internationally. We consider changing circumstances, new challenges, and emerging opportunities, such as those presented by technology.

Our methodology is informed by the ‘baseline’ information that we gather, such as quantitative statistics, and the needs of the community and qualitative feedback. We articulate the difference that we make through a detailed reporting process.

Understanding the context

The KWMC approach is aligned with a practice-led, action-research approach. This means not just working with local people to find the answers to predefined questions, but working with them to identify pertinent questions that demand interrogation.

Key to producing work that feels relevant and inspires people is understanding the context it is made within. KWMC works collaboratively with the local community, individuals, families, local voluntary groups and service delivery organisations. This is based on long-standing relationships developed over 18 years of working in Knowle West. Our work with the community takes place through dynamic and bespoke engagement with individuals and families, involvement in our projects, and through more formal structures. In this way the focus of our work is defined through exchange with local communities.

In some projects the process and findings lead us to involve academics and their institutions. We are currently key partners in a range of academic research partnerships.


We plan ongoing evaluation across all of our activities, so we can find out how (far) we’ve realised our aims. We embed evaluative activities into projects, activities and events in ways that make the process seamless – and which reflect the creative processes of the project.

This process supports the KWMC team to reflect on outcomes and consider what it is about activities that lead to success, for the development of the project and also for future organisational learning. We believe these elements of our evaluation process are key to work being ‘excellent’, as they encourage everyone involved to reflect, and nurture professional development and autonomous learning skills.

Our longitudinal approach means that we continue to engage with previous participants to ensure that the difference we have made is long-lasting and positive.

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