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What experiences have people had of Knowle West Media Centre?

We continually reflect on how people get involved in activities at KWMC: we’re interested in whether people’s engagement with us is sustained, what we’ve co-created together and how we can work together effectively in future. We gather feedback about our work and the difference it has made for a range of people including artists, partners, academics, audiences and people taking part in projects or workshops. This helps us to understand and learn from the approaches we use and the things about our approach that are more or less effective. This learning helps us to continually refine and develop our practice.


As part of this process we regularly invite people to share their experiences. Many people have told us about the difference their engagement with KWMC has made. To read about the journeys we have gone on together, click on the links below:

Roger’s Journey
Yasmin’s Journey
Terri-Ann’s Journey
Michael’s Journey
Iman’s Journey
Levi’s Journey
Chris’ Journey
Ruth’s Journey
Karron’s Journey
Tanya’s Journey
Miles’ Journey
Emma’s Journey
Sophie’s Journey
Johnny’s Journey
Jodie’s Journey
Lee’s Journey
Andy’s Journey
Michelle’s Journey
Dane’s Journey


We are also regularly commissioned to provide professional services and we are particularly interested in enquiries about data analysis and visualisation, bespoke databases, and support to devise innovative approaches for collaborative work with communities.

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