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Change Creators: XLR Collective Start to Record!

Hack A Heckle hit up the studio in this week’s session. We came together at DBS to get the instrument tracks down for 5 original songs.

We started with re-recording Hide, our main single. This song entered the world from our previous studio session in Barcelona, back in March. With a border-line melancholic tone, Hide reflects the issues around street harassment and how it makes people feel. We have altered the ending slightly to work better with the vocals.

The next song we got down was Take Back The Night with Courtney leading the vocals. A more bouncy song with elements of rock and dub style beats. If you like Paramore, then you’ll like this song as Courtney rocks it up!

We then moved onto Millie’s song, Lady. A very jazzy and bluesy style song with a melodic vocal line. Millie’s vocals are sure to blow you away on this one.

Beth’s song Not About That, like Courtney’s, covers a few different styles of music. We start off with an Artic Monkey vibe verse which leads to a disco-like chorus followed by a rockier second half of the chorus. We also hear a soca rhythm breakdown before finishing where we started. Beth’s lyrics keeps the theme of our campaign well with the catchy vocals. This track has it all going on!

The very last part of the session we had a jam with Milo’s hip-hop track. Although it’s a rough version at the moment, we managed to capture different elements of the song so we can hopefully mould it into a full track. Milo’s rap will punch through nicely when we finally nail this one.

At the end of the session, we all packed down and ran over some things for the following session as we are edging towards the end of the course. Our vocalists will be adding their vocals properly as this time was for the instruments and Mikey will be adding extra guitar parts. We are also playing with the idea of getting other local musicians to help shape the tracks with violin, saxophone and extra vocals. Hopefully our songs will be mixed and mastered over the next two weeks so they can be added with Liv and Jerome’s electric tracks to our EP, which Liv will be designing the album art as her art work is AWESOME!

Written by Molly Perryman

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