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Blog: A New Chapter for Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC)

We are looking for a fantastic leader to join the KWMC team and help us evolve as an organisation. We have been founder-led since 1996 and now, with CEO Carolyn Hassan’s retirement, we are entering a new chapter; one that will both celebrate KWMC’s legacy of community led change-making and embrace new possibilities.

Over the last 28 years, with Carolyn’s inspirational leadership, KWMC has grown from a local photography project into the internationally recognised organisation that it is today. KWMC has consistently developed pioneering arts and community-tech practices for social change, championed people-led innovation and supported the next generation to develop skills to become the change-makers of the future. From making DIY snail-cams to map our natural world, to creating music from air quality data, to mixing up AI and tattoo culture, KWMC has always been at the cutting edge of arts & tech led coproduction with communities.

We are now moving to a model of co-leadership, aligned with KWMC’s ethos of co-creation and collaboration.

Alistair Darling visits to mark the opening of the new KWMC strawbale building in 2008

I am really excited to see the next phase of KWMC, that will build on past learning and experience (and yes, including learning from mistakes). I have been privileged to be part of, and work with the brilliant community of Knowle West and am delighted that there is such energy, commitment, and courage to forge new ways of doing things that I know will make a real difference and contribute to positive futures for all.

Carolyn Hassan

We are thrilled that Martha King, previously KWMC Head of Arts, has been appointed as the new KWMC Creative Co-Director. Martha has worked at KWMC for over 8 years leading creative programmes, developing innovative arts and tech co-creation projects with communities, and representing the organisation internationally.

Martha King (centre) during a Collect to Connect event at Springfield Allotments. Image: Ibolya Fehrer.

I am honoured to be taking on this new role and look forward to helping steer KWMC into its next chapter. With our brilliant team and rich ecology of collaborators I look forward to further developing our ambitious arts & community-tech programmes, honing our storytelling and continuing to support communities and artists to imagine and make the changes they want to see. I look forward to supporting leaderful cultures to flourish within our organisation and beyond.

Martha King

We are advertising for a new Co-Director, of Business Development and Operations, to work alongside Martha, the trustees and team to lead KWMC through a process of refocusing and on into the future.

Carolyn Hassan giving a speech at the KWMC AGM 2023.

We are looking for a dynamic co-leader, who works with generosity and care to make amazing things happen. We want to welcome someone who has successfully developed innovative financial, business, and operational models for mission and value-led organisations. This new position will play a key role in enabling KWMC to deliver its mission of making fair and thriving neighbourhoods with arts, tech, and care.

Find out more information about the job and how to apply here.

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