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Archive for March, 2013

Andy’s story

“Before ELM (the Edible Landscapes Movement) and the polytunnel I was on the dole, sat at home, vegetating, bored silly. Now I work with volunteers and encourage them into organic gardening. The app we use is really useful to share knowledge about what we do and to shows other people how to grow things from seed to final produce. I take photos of my bees, my chickens and even the new cockerel I got!”

(Andy Moseley, Edible Landscapes Movement producer at Andy’s Little Haven)

Lee’s story

“We were keen to be involved in So La Bristol to reduce our carbon footprint – it’s been very insightful! We are really interested in Phase 2 of the project – [getting] the batteries – it means that we can save more energy, and help the environment even more. It’s been a great experience for all the family: my son, Michael Lee, keeps asking when we can go to KWMC again! I’ve been keeping a digital diary with photos, to give other people in the area an idea of what is out there to help them.”

(Lee Moore, So La Bristol participant) To see Lee’s photo diary visit the Knowledge website.

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