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Change Creators: The XLR Collective

KWMC’s Creative Leadership programme for 18-25 years olds who want to make a positive change in the world using the power of music.

Change Creators – The XLR Collective is a seven-month programme. Young people work in a small team to identify the issues they care about, then use music in creative ways to develop a social action project.

The programme supports young people to connect with leaders locally, nationally and internationally, build their self confidence, develop their musical skills and provide real experiences of leading.

The first phase of the programme is designed to be an intense and inspirational three-day experience, while the group can fit the rest of the programme around their other commitments.


• 3 day creative leadership workshops – Bristol
• 3 day music workshops and events – European location
• Weekly skills development sessions and inspirational workshops led by a wide range of leaders – musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and field specialists
• 1-2-1 professional development coaching sessions
• Develop a social action project based on issues YOU care about, collaborating with leading music / creative industry partners
• Perform at local festivals
• Create a live music pop-up event in Bristol

Change Creators: XLR Collective Coaching Session

This week the group had a refreshing session about coaching. We had some guests sitting in with us whilst we did some activities that involved learning how to actively listen, filling out the wheel of life and learning how to respond in conversation to empower the other person. It was really interesting and highlighted a lot how important it is to...

Change Creators: XLR Collective Gig Prep

In this week's session, we reviewed our original pieces that we performed at Bristol Harbour Festival to see what we could make even better. We set up [a] stage in the main space [at KWMC] so every little detail was exposed. Beth's "Not About That" had slight adjustments to the second half of the chorus, making it more soulful with a variation...

Change Creators: Hack a Heckle Campaign Launch

On 22nd July the Hack A Heckle campaign officially launched at Bristol’s Harbour Festival! Catch up with Collective blogger Olivia to find out more: We were very excited and anticipated this moment for months. Beforehand we were organising, practising and refining our music for our 1 hour set on the Bristol Plays Music stage and couldn’t wait to share it with our...

Change Creators: XLR Collective meet Life Coach Sam Holman

This week the XLR Collective looked beyond the launch of their campaign to challenge gender harassment, Hack a Heckle, to consider their hopes and fears for the future.  Campaign Leader Will explains more... 17th July 2017, KWMC This week's session started early, with three of the collective meeting Daniel (Communication Coordinator for the Young People's programme) for a chance to plan the social media strategy for...

Change Creators: XLR Collective meet Eva Lazarus

This week the XLR Collective had an inspiring session with Bristol-based singer and MC Eva Lazarus. KWMC Communications Coordinator Daniel explains what they got up to... 10th July 2017, KWMC Bristol based sensation gets comfy with XLR's newest collective. Last night was an exciting night of development for Hack a Heckle (HAH). The group sat down with Eva Lazarus, who is perhaps best known for being the...

Change Creators: XLR Collective visit Saffron Records

This week the XLR Collective visited the team at Saffron Records - an all female record label and music education platform based in Bristol. Collective blogger Olivia shares what the group learned and how they're planning to put it into practice in their campaign to combat street harassment... 3rd July 2017, Saffron Records This week we visited Saffron Records and spoke with Laura...

Change Creators: XLR Collective get stuck into social media

This week the XLR Collective did some serious social media strategising, as they prepare to launch their campaign to challenge sexual harassment on the street. Collective blogger Olivia gives a behind-the-scenes insight into their marketing plans...

26th June 2017, KWMC This week's session began with each member of the group discussing what they've done over the past week towards the campaign. We...

Change Creators: XLR Collective meet Kaptin Barrett, Boomtown programmer

This week the XLR Collective met Kaptin Barrett, festival programmer for Boomtown Fair, for a behind-the-scenes insight into working on a huge summer event. Catch up with Change Creator Will to find out what else the Collective have been up to as they get ready for the launch of their campaign to challenge sexual harassment on the street...


Change Creators: The XLR Collective – Campaign Update

Over the last few weeks the XLR Collective have been going from strength to strength as they develop plans for their social action campaign to challenge sexual harassment on the street.  Change Creator Will has been writing a blog about his experience and what the group have been up to. 

You can read his entries for May and June...

Change Creators: The XLR Collective – Barcelona Delegation

Earlier this week, the young musicians and creatives taking part in this year's Change Creators programme spent an amazing three days in Barcelona to learn more about gender equality initiatives in the Catalan city and use their creative skills to develop new music in response to their experiences. The packed programme included meeting gender equality activists, taking to the streets...

Change Creators: The XLR Collective – Communications Planning

On 20th March the XLR Collective focused on communications planning and how they might start to tell the story of their project. It was their final session before they jet to Barcelona to meet activists, campaigners and musicians working on the international stage. 

During the session the group worked with KWMC's Communications Officer Rachel to practice 'elevator pitches': short introductions...

Change Creators: The XLR Collective – Music is Power

This week the Change Creators: XLR Collective’s session was entitled #musicispower.

The session was all about the power that music has to influence, inform and spark change on a personal, national and international level. This session was less about the classic activism songs like Sam Cooke, “A Change Is Gonna Come” or Edwin Star “War”...

Change Creators: The XLR Collective – Inspire Week

Over the next seven months the new cohort of Change Creators - The XLR Collective will be making waves in the city, tackling social issues using musical and creative solutions. You will meet individually through their online profiles over the course of the programme. The Inspire Week, which ran from 20th - 22nd February 2017, gave the group the chance...

Inspire Week

Meet the XLR Collective: Beth

Name: Bethany Hamilton-Allotey Campaign: Gender Equality Areas of specialism: Vocalist What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective? I’ve always had a passion for music, and the Change Creators course is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness for an issue I feel strongly about in a creative way. I also really wanted to work with a group of people that weren’t afraid to...

Meet the XLR Collective: Courtney

 Name: Courtney Bicker Campaign: Gender Equality Areas of specialism: Vocals & Events Management  What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective? I really wanted to meet some new people that are as passionate about music as I am and I was really interested in making a change through music and feeling like I’ve made a difference. What are you up to when you’re...

Meet the XLR Collective: Jerome

Name: Jerome Barrs-James Campaign: Gender Equality Areas of specialism: DJ Producer  What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective?  I heard about it through college and the concept behind it appealed to me - of using music as a medium to discuss certain issues. What are you up to when you’re not campaign developing with Change Creators? Normally studying at dBs or messing...

Meet the XLR Collective: Maya

Name: Maya-Blue Gamble Campaign: Gender Equality Areas of specialism: Live Events, festivals What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective? I applied to Change Creators because I wanted to feel more confident as a leader. Its rare that you see long term opportunities, I’d never seen a program so dedicated to individual development. My brain is literally overflowing with ideas and I’m excited to learn...

Meet the XLR Collective: Millie

Name: Millie Grant

Campaign: Gender Equality

Areas of specialism: Vocalist

What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective? The chance to make a positive change, go abroad, and meet more likeminded people.

What are you up to when you’re not campaign developing with Change Creators? I’m a full time student with Access to Music so I’m usually studying. I also...

Meet the XLR Collective: Milo

Name: Milo Clack

Campaign: Gender Equality

Areas of specialism: Vocalist (rap and metal), lyricist/activist

What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective? I want to push myself to develop in every way that I can and would've regretted missing the opportunity to do something extra with my life. I'm also incredibly passionate about music and issues/injustices that people face on a...

Meet the XLR Collective: Molly

Name: Molly Perryman Campaign: Gender Equality Areas of specialism: Drums, guitar, bass What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective?  A friend who attended the course the previous year recommended to me as he couldn't speak more highly of it.  He told me how he can now speak in public without a worry because he gained confidence and I thought I'd love to be...

Meet the XLR Collective: Olivia

Name: Olivia Sully-Karlis Campaign: Gender Equality Areas of specialism: Sound engineer, music producer and illustrator What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective? It combined creativity with a positive cause. That really resonated with me as I am passionate about challenging prevalent issues in society. Music is such a powerful tool to carry important messages and emotion so the XLR Collective has created the...

Meet the XLR Collective: Will

Name: William Sissons Campaign: Gender Equality Areas of specialism: Bass Guitar, Music Technology, Events What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective? I wanted to challenge myself, confront the issues that I care about head on, and learn skills that will have a positive influence in my daily life. What are you up to when you’re not campaign developing with Change Creators? I like...

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