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We Can Make…Homes

We Can Make…Homes explores how communities can lead and influence the development of housing in their area.

This new programme of work explores how to approach the development and building of new housing in ways that are responsive to the needs and interests of communities. Knowle West Media Centre is bringing together a multi-disciplinary team of local people, artists, academics, designers, architects and policy makers, and Knowle West is the first test-space for these new ideas.

Bristol, like many cities in the UK, desperately needs homes that people both want and can afford. The Bristol Cable recently reported that in 2013/14 Bristol built just 102 affordable homes against an estimated annual need of 1,500.

We want to see communities at the centre of decision-making about these issues, not on the periphery. Many issues and opportunities are emerging, including:

• Gap spaces and micro-plots
• The need for new types of homes that can shrink or grow with the changing needs of families
• Housing that is integrated with other community needs – from social care to employment
• Mixing digital fabrication technology with craft, local skills, and local manufacturing capacity to create more locally-made and beneficial housing
• Exploring what is means to be a good neighbour – can housing be sociable as well as social?
• New kinds of legal and financial models and policy and regulatory frameworks

The first phase of We Can Make…Homes will run from January 2017 and will include workshops, indoor and outdoor events, hands-on making sessions, technology ‘hack days’ and artist commissions. It will culminate in a public exhibition exploring the issues and possible solutions in more detail.

If you’d like to get involved or join the conversation Martha would love to hear from you: or 0117 903 0444.

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