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The Knowledge Newsletter & Website

The Knowledge is the community newsletter and website for Knowle West.

The team at KWMC supports the production of the newsletter and makes sure the website is running smoothly, but much of the content is created by local residents and organisations.

You can use the newsletter and website to:

  • find out what’s happening around Knowle West
  • tell people about your event or organisation
  • have your say about local issues
  • learn new skills in editing, web management and journalism

Residents can come along to our Community Journalism sessions and learn how to interview, photograph events, and write copy for  print and web.  Local organisations can have their own page on and post news and updates. These training sessions are part of our Digital Skills Training and Community Journalism.


The Knowledge Newsletter

The Knowledge is printed five times a year in February, May, July, October and December.

Every issue 5,500 copies are circulated to households in the Filwood ward and parts of Knowle and Windmill Hill. A further 1,000 copies are delivered to community buildings. This includes community centres (Filwood Community Centre), local organisations (The Mede, Knowle West Health Park, The Park, Knowle West Media Centre, Knowle West Health Association), shops, the police station, the library, health clinics, and children’s centres. We also send out the newsletter by post to various people and organisation across Bristol.

Please note that all editorial submissions are subject to the approval of a steering group of residents and the Neighbourhood Partnership. They may also be edited for length and style. The only way to guarantee inclusion in the newsletter and have your content presented exactly as you would like is to purchase space. Prices and sizes of adverts can be found here. 


What people say about appearing in The Knowledge

“After seeing the article in the Knowledge a lot of people came into the shop saying they had read the piece and I got lots of texts and calls. People said they were really happy to have this facility in their local area…” (Adeola Amimashaun, Ola and Ola Foods, Filwood Broadway).

“The response has been great… A lot of customers came in saying they had seen the article about the shop. It was good because a lot of them said they hadn’t realised we had moved before seeing it in The Knowledge…” (Chris Feltham, The Flower Stall, Leinster Avenue).


Contact Us

Knowle West Media Centre
Leinster Avenue
Knowle West
+44 (0) 117 903 0444

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