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KWMC to run weekly music sessions at Merchants Academy

From Saturday 26th September the music team from KWMC and XLR Sessions will be running weekly music sessions at the brand new BPM Music Centre – South, based at Merchants Academy in Withywood.

The prestigious Bristol Plays Music are the regional music hub for the South West, and offer amazing musical experiences for young people across Bristol and beyond.

The centre will offer a variety of innovative music sessions, covering three different areas:
– Bristol Modern Choir
– South Side Choir
– Creative Music Technology

James Kennaby, the XLR Programme co-ordinator at KWMC, will be running the Creative Music Technology sessions, exploring music from a variety of different genres, and combining them to create some amazing new music.

The sessions run in 10 week blocks and cost just £2.50 per session.
For more info please contact Bristol Plays Music on or 0117 204 7140.



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