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3/16/17 4:30 pm - 3/16/17 6:30 pm

We Can Make…Homes: Making Space for the Citizen Sector

Join Knowle West Media Centre for a special workshop to explore new approaches to developing citizen-led housing, as part of the We Can Make…Homes project. Together we’ll explore how planning… read more

Local issues


3/4/17 11:00 am - 3/4/17 3:00 pm

We Can Make…Homes Street Day

Join us for an outdoor Knowle West street event to explore the idea of ‘home’ and: – find out what community-led housing could mean for Knowle West and how you could… read more

Local issues

23/11/2016 - 28/02/2017

10/7/16 9:00 am - 10/7/16 6:00 pm

20/20 Visions: Re-valuing photography, people and place

The role of the photographer and the value of photography are in flux. Camera technology is now so cheap and pervasive that taking a photograph no longer holds an intrinsic value…. read more

Exhibitions , Local issues , Photography

14/02/2017 - 15/02/2017

2/14/17 12:00 pm - 2/15/17 4:00 pm

Half Term Photography Workshop

Looking for something to do this Half Term? Knowle West Media Centre and FotoNow are running a free two-day photography workshop on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th February. Over two… read more

Photography , Young People

14/03/2017 - 14/02/2017

3/14/17 6:00 pm - 3/14/17 8:00 pm

Would Like To Meet: KWMC & Bristol Creatives

Join Knowle West Media Centre and Bristol Creatives to: – find out more about a new programme of residency opportunities and how you can be part of a regional network… read more

Local issues , Technology , Training


2/4/17 10:00 am - 2/4/17 4:00 pm

We Can Make…Homes Hack Day

Knowle West Media Centre is leading a new programme of work, We Can Make…Homes, that will bring together a team of local people, artists, designers, architects and policy experts to explore… read more

Local issues

01/11/2016 - 20/12/2016

10/19/16 10:00 am - 10/19/16 1:00 pm

Christmas ‘Make It’ workshops

Have you started planning your Christmas shopping? Why not join us at KWMC: The Factory and do some Christmas making instead?! This November and December we’ll be running a series of… read more

Technology , Training


12/1/16 10:00 am - 12/1/16 3:00 pm

Mince Pies & Movies: Festive Open Day

Did you miss our 20th birthday party this November? Don’t worry! We’re continuing the merriment in December with a special festive open day offering another opportunity to see our new exhibition 20/20… read more

Local issues


11/23/16 6:00 pm - 11/23/16 8:00 pm

The ‘Made In Bristol’ Home

Knowle West Media Centre is working with students from the University of the West of England (UWE) on a new project called The Made in Bristol Home. The project is exploring how… read more

Local issues


11/16/16 6:00 pm - 11/16/16 8:00 pm

hOur:Bristol Timebank Launch

Timebanking is coming to South Bristol! hOur:Bristol is a new platform for professional and non-professional creatives to share skills and services. Instigated by artist Paul Hurley and writer Caleb Parkin,… read more

Local issues


10/7/16 6:00 pm - 10/7/16 8:00 pm

KWMC20: Birthday Party & Exhibition Preview

To mark the 20th year of Knowle West Media Centre we’re throwing a party to celebrate Knowle West and Bristol as places where amazing things happen – and you’re all invited!… read more

Local issues

28/09/2016 - 16/11/2016

9/23/16 5:00 pm - 9/23/16 8:00 pm

Skater Girls

Love skateboarding and being creative? Or fancy trying something new? Sign up for our free creative course! 8 weeks, every Wednesday (introductory session 5-6.30pm, all other sessions 5-8pm) For ages 13-19… read more

Training , Young People

28/09/2016 - 02/11/2016

9/13/16 5:15 pm - 9/13/16 7:50 pm

Illustration & Manga

Love Manga and comics? Sign up to our free creative course and get expert tuition to create your own stories! 6 weeks, every Wednesday 5.15-6.15pm (ages 10-14) / 6.30-7.50pm (ages 15-25)… read more

Training , Young People


10/7/16 10:00 am - 10/7/16 4:00 pm

Open Day & Introduction to E-Textiles Workshop

KWMC: The Factory will open its doors on Friday 28th October to the curious, playful and creative as part of the Crafts Council’s Make:Shift:Do programme.  We’re proud to be taking part… read more


22/10/2016 - 23/10/2016

10/10/16 10:00 am - 10/10/16 5:00 pm

South Bristol Gaming & Anime Expo II

Two days of gaming, anime and tech for all ages! The South Bristol Gaming & Anime Expo returns for its second year. Join us for a weekend of retro gaming,… read more

Technology , Training , Young People


9/19/16 2:00 pm - 9/19/16 4:00 pm

The 100 Homes Launch

Friends of the SPHERE project are warmly invited to the 100 Homes Launch. Join the team from University of Bristol and Knowle West Media Centre on Sunday 2nd October to find out… read more

Health & Wellbeing


9/27/16 10:00 am - 9/27/16 5:00 pm

Sensor Tinkering Day

Over the last six months artists, technologists and local people have been experimenting with technology to tackle the problem of damp homes. Friendly frog sensors have been measuring temperature and… read more

Health & Wellbeing , Local issues , Technology


9/22/16 6:00 pm - 9/22/16 8:00 pm

We Can Make: re-imagining manufacturing in Bristol

Smart factories, digital fabrication technologies, new materials and changes in distribution networks are among the changes that are radically re-shaping who makes what, where and how. WE CAN MAKE explores… read more

Environmental , Talks , Technology


8/16/16 11:00 am - 8/16/16 1:00 pm

Commons Brunch

Join us for an informal discussion about how the collective act of ‘common-ing’ can form networks and create social change.  We’ll be sharing The Bristol Approach, a commons-led project, while artists Paul Hurley… read more

Talks , Technology


8/16/16 7:30 pm - 8/16/16 9:00 pm

#SmartCityDamp DataCitizenSpectaculecture

Paul Hurley and Caleb Parkin present a new performance as part of The Bristol Approach to Citizen Sensing, an ongoing programme exploring how sensor tech and data can be made and… read more

Talks , Technology

02/08/2016 - 03/08/2016

7/19/16 10:00 am - 7/19/16 4:00 pm

Summer Challenge: Make a Soap Box Cart

Join Knowle West Media Centre for fast-paced summer fun: work in teams to build, customize and race a ‘soap box’ cart design your team’s racing suits give your cart a… read more

Technology , Young People

10/11/2015 - 28/07/2016

11/18/15 10:00 am - 11/18/15 11:30 am

Beginners’ Computer Class

Our digital skills classes offer a friendly and informal environment for adults to learn more about digital technology. Whether you’d like to improve your computer skills, get to grips with a… read more

Technology , Training


7/13/16 3:00 pm - 7/13/16 4:30 pm

Change Creators Exhibition & Graduation

You’re invited to join the Change Creators for their final exhibition and graduation event – and see how they’ve been using technology to tackle issues around recycling and mental health. The Change… read more

Local issues , Talks , Technology

12/07/2016 - 15/07/2016

10/14/16 11:00 am - 10/14/16 6:00 pm

Taste of Knowle West

Love to cook, bake, make or grow your own? We’re on the look-out for the best food and drink Knowle West has to offer! As part of the Who Decides What’s in… read more

Health & Wellbeing , Local issues


6/14/16 10:00 am - 6/14/16 4:00 pm

The Bristol Approach: Data Jam

Join Knowle West Media Centre and a group of artists, technologists and residents from across Bristol to to dig out, visualize and play with data that could help us tackle the… read more

Local issues , Technology


6/7/16 1:00 pm - 6/7/16 3:00 pm

Knowle West Pooch Photoshoot

Calling all canines (and their owners!) Join Knowle West Media Centre and Bristol photographer Tommy Sussex for a celebration of Knowle West’s prized pets. Drop in during your walkies and… read more

Local issues , Photography


4/27/16 3:00 pm - 4/27/16 8:00 pm

Made in Knowle West

Did you know that Ribena was first made in Bristol not far from Knowle West? Join us for ‘Made in Knowle West’, an afternoon of creating new delicious drinks, celebrating… read more

Environmental , Health & Wellbeing , Local issues


3/24/16 6:00 pm - 3/24/16 8:00 pm

Come Dine With SPHERE

For one evening only Knowle West Media Centre will be transformed into a healthy home: Step into our dining room and enjoy a hearty homecooked meal Have a seat in our… read more

Health & Wellbeing , Technology


4/27/16 6:00 pm - 4/27/16 8:00 pm

The Photographer: artist, activist, innovator?

The value of photography is in flux. Camera technology is now so cheap, pervasive and effortless that taking a photograph no longer holds an intrinsic value. This event explores the changing… read more

Exhibitions , Photography , Talks

21/04/2016 - 22/04/2016

3/11/16 10:00 am - 3/11/16 4:00 pm

Introduction to InDesign

Adobe InDesign enables you to create sophisticated digital documents and experiment with a range of page layouts. In this two-day beginners’ course, our experienced tutor will give you an introduction… read more



4/15/16 10:30 am - 4/15/16 4:00 pm

The Bristol Approach to Citizen Sensing – April Workshop

Over the last few months, Knowle West Media Centre, artists and communities across Bristol have been exploring city issues that could be addressed using sensor technologies. The issue that has gained… read more

Local issues , Technology


4/15/16 11:00 am - 4/15/16 3:30 pm

Eat & Greet

A free afternoon event, organised by KWMC and community partners, to celebrate all things food.  The event will include: cooking demos food tasting produce for sale an interactive ‘pop-up’ shop… read more

Health & Wellbeing , Local issues


4/13/16 6:00 pm - 4/13/16 8:00 pm

Postponed: A Room Full of Talent

**NOTE: Unfortunately we have had to postpone the event, due to scheduling conflicts. We plan to rearrange the event for a later date and we’ll be in touch with more details…. read more

Talks , Young People

05/04/2016 - 06/04/2016

3/31/16 10:00 am - 3/31/16 6:00 pm

BuildCon 2016

Join Knowle West Media Centre for two days of Minecraft, art, robotics and tech in Bristol’s first BuildCon: – show off your Minecraft skills and take part in our ‘Build the future’… read more

Technology , Training , Young People

03/03/2016 - 06/04/2016

2/22/16 9:00 am - 2/22/16 5:00 pm

The South West Graduate Photography Prize 2015

FotoNow CIC and Knowle West Media Centre present the South West Graduate Photography Prize 2015.  Featuring new work from the finalists of the 2015 prize: Joseph Ball Caitlin Chescoe Simeon… read more

Exhibitions , Photography


2/29/16 1:30 pm - 2/29/16 4:00 pm

Silver Screen film club

Our community-led film club for over 50s meets on a monthly basis for movies and discussion. The group gathers on Tuesdays at Novers Park Community Association (behind Knowle West Media Centre on Leinster Avenue), with entertainment… read more

Film , Health & Wellbeing


3/10/16 10:00 am - 3/10/16 1:00 pm

Good Practice in Social Media

This half-day course has been developed specifically for people with some experience of social media who would like to improve their confidence and expand their skill base. This interactive session… read more



3/10/16 6:00 pm - 3/10/16 8:00 pm

Filmmaking Ideas Workshop

This free workshop is for young people aged 16-24 who are interested in submitting an idea for a short film and working with a producer to develop that idea into a film proposal…. read more

Film , Training , Young People

07/03/2016 - 11/03/2016

2/9/16 10:00 am - 2/9/16 4:00 pm

Get Started with Games Design

The Prince’s Trust are offering a week-long course for young people at KWMC this March, in partnership with NextGen Skills Academy. “The Get Started with Games Design programme is for young… read more

Technology , Training , Young People


2/10/16 11:00 am - 2/10/16 3:00 pm

Imagine Bristol: Citizen Sensing workshop

Can we tackle city issues using new technologies? For better housing? Improved use of green spaces? More customers for local businesses? Join Knowle West Media Centre for a creative workshop and let’s… read more

Environmental , Local issues , Technology


1/6/16 4:00 pm - 1/6/16 6:30 pm

Friends of SPHERE: using technology to stay healthy at home

Find out more about how sensor technologies could make a difference in home healthcare – and how you can help to develop them.  The SPHERE team are holding a free event in the At-Bristol Science… read more

17/11/2015 - 29/01/2016

11/12/15 9:00 am - 11/12/15 6:00 pm

A Room with a View

A Room with a View comprises two new works: a series of new photographs by Nicholas White and The Artist Hotel, a collaboration between KWMC, local residents, artists and students from… read more

Environmental , Exhibitions , Local issues , Technology


1/13/16 6:30 pm - 1/13/16 9:30 pm

Would Like To Meet: Urban Commons Special

Would Like to Meet…artists, designers, researchers, activists, makers, creative technologists, coders, hackers, data analysts. Knowle West Media Centre invites you to an evening of networking and interactive art, tech and… read more

Environmental , Talks , Technology


1/19/16 12:00 pm - 1/19/16 2:30 pm

Fridge Raiders

What influences the food choices we make, from the things we buy to how we eat? What do you think needs to change in Knowle West? ‘Who decides what’s in… read more

Health & Wellbeing , Local issues , Technology

07/12/2015 - 14/12/2015

12/4/15 4:30 pm - 12/4/15 6:00 pm

Girls Making History Coding Sessions

We’re running two free coding sessions for girls this December. Learn more about coding and build your own websites, apps and programmes… The sessions are part of Girls Making History, a programme that… read more

Technology , Training , Young People


11/12/15 6:30 pm - 11/12/15 9:00 pm

Would Like To Meet: The Anti Xmas Office Party

Knowle West Media Centre invites you to The Artist Hotel for a special Anti-Xmas party. Join us for a night of networking, performance and holiday nostalgia. Tom Marshman will present… read more

Talks , Technology

17/11/2015 - 08/12/2015

11/11/15 4:00 pm - 11/11/15 6:30 pm

Music Taster Sessions

Our after-school music programme XLR Bristol will be running free taster sessions for young people for 4 weeks, beginning on 17th November. The sessions are open young people who are interested… read more

Music , Training , Young People


11/12/15 4:00 pm - 11/12/15 6:30 pm

KWMC Unwrapped: Festivities at The Factory

Kick off the Christmas season and help us start our 20 Year celebrations with a bang! Join us at our new making space for fun and festivities: – personalize a… read more

Local issues , Talks


10/9/15 2:30 pm - 10/9/15 8:00 pm

The Next City: re-imagining the means of production

This series of events explores how the new “means of production” can be held in the hands of the many rather than the few and how they can be used to… read more

Environmental , Local issues , Talks

24/09/2015 - 03/11/2015

9/29/15 9:00 am - 9/29/15 5:00 pm

I Will Always Have You: Objects of Desire

Explore a new collection of artist-made fashion and homeware pieces, which mix tattoo culture and digital fabrication technology. I Will Always Have You is inspired by the rich tattoo heritage of… read more

Exhibitions , Local issues

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