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Living Lab

Knowle West Media Centre is a UK member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).  As a Living Lab we support people from a range of backgrounds to come together and create new ideas, tools and technologies.

Knowle West Media Centre is a member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). As a Living Lab we offer a “real-life test and experimentation environment” – a place where citizens, artists, technologists, businesses and public sector organisations can come together to create ideas, tools and technologies that address local challenges, innovate and explore new possibilities.

We are currently working in the following areas:

Supporting people to create the neighbourhoods and city they want through a citizen sensing programme that includes developing a ‘city commons approach’, ensuring open access to digital assets.

Creating opportunities for training and skills development, particularly in data literacy and digital manufacturing.

Developing innovative solutions to sustainability and environmental issues.

Building resilient communities and developing ideas about how we might live in the future.

We want to ensure that everyone, particularly individuals and groups at risk of social and digital exclusion, are supported to become active citizens with equal access to the city’s opportunities. We regularly act as a ‘broker’ between citizens and organisations, ensuring that each participant in a project is able to contribute their knowledge and experience.

For more details about our current work visit the Bristol Living Lab project page or contact Carolyn on 0117 903 0444.

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