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Fan Art, Manga and Gaming Illustrations wanted for two-day exhibition

2017 marks the third year of the South Bristol Gaming & Anime Expo and we’re on the look-out for more emerging artists for this unique gallery exhibition.

The exhibition is scheduled to be held on 4th and 5th November, during this year’s Expo, and aims to uncover, promote and introduce new talent to a wider audience.

Artists of all ages are invited to submit an image that can be enlarged to A1 size for exhibition. Your image will be credited, if your work is for sale we can include the price, and you’ll feature on our website with links to your work.

We are looking for:

Manga/gaming/character illustrations
One-page comics
Fan art

Please email with the title ‘Artist Submission’ and include the following:

For the exhibition:

Hi-res artwork attachment/s (suitable to be enlarged to A1)
Name/credit for display
Price (if relevant)

For our website:

Short biography – no more than 200 words
Links to your work webpage / Twitter handle / Instagram (if relevant)
Your logo (if relevant)


We are particularly keen to receive work from groups who are under-represented in the creative industries, including Black, Asian and other minority groups, people with disabilities, young people and young adults (ages 11-30), and residents of South Bristol.

We cannot guarantee that all artworks will be included in the final exhibition, so we want to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your submission!  We’ll notify all successful artists by Tuesday 31st October.

We do all printing in-house, so there will be no cost to artists – just an opportunity to promote and showcase your work in our Gaming Exhibition, running from 4th November until 16th December.

Artists are welcome to collect and keep the prints we create after the Expo.

Please email or contact Mena 0117 903 0444 of you have any questions.

Image: Elisha Huxtable

Change Creators: XLR Collective Course Reflection

After an amazing performance at their Campaign Celebration, the XLR Collective came back together last night to reflect on their closing event and on the course as a whole. It’s been an exciting seven month journey with this team and now that we have reached the end its been great to see the progress all of them have made.

We started off the night by having a round table discussion about the Campaign Celebration, we discussed what went well and what things they would have changed. Everyone was in agreement that musically the night went well, it was their best performance to date. The presentation went well also, some of the team members thought they could have been more prepared but felt the night went to plan regardless.

Following the round table discussion, I took the collective one-by-one into the music studio and interviewed them about their experience at the Campaign Celebration and the operations and logistics leading up to it. They all gave clear and concise answers about their contribution, who they worked with and their thoughts on its success.

We couldn’t be anymore proud of this cohort of the XLR Collective, we’re so excited to see how they continue to grow and develop into the fullness of their skills and talents.

Follow the XLR Collective at:
@xlrmusicuk @change_creators
Insta: @xlrmusicuk

Change Creators: XLR Collective Graduation!

The moment we’ve all known was coming has finally come! Last night the XLR Collective had their Campaign Celebration here at the Knowle West Media Centre. It was a great night for the group to come together with friends, family and supporters to showcase the work they had done over the past seven weeks.

The night started off with an ice-breaker exercise from program director, Mena Fombo which had the audience “practice” their applauding and essentially facilitate and encouraging atmosphere in the room. Up next were Will and Olivia who introduced the campaign and the the mission behind it. They showed the official campaign video that they recorded during their launch at Bristol Harbour Festival. Will also shared a personal story that connected him to the cause of gender-based harassment that allowed people to connect even more with their cause. Following that the group played the first track of their EP ‘Lady’ which is also their debut single.

For the remaining of the night the group took turns speaking in pairs reporting on different aspects of the campaign and playing another track of music from their project in-between. It was great to see how polished and professional they were at presenting and playing music. The group have undoubtedly grown considerably in their confidence and practical performing skills. After seven months of ups and down, positives and challenges, the collective have finally come through the finish line, completing the programme with their heads held high. We genuinely could’t be anymore proud of them. Such a great night of hard work finally being revealed.

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